If you’re reading this, you are most likely looking for information on faster page load speeds for a new or existing website. That said, we wont waste your time with a bunch of garbage information and specs you probably don’t care about. Only the nitty gritty based on our experience with both providers. While the hosting provider you use will ultimately be based on your individual needs, (cost, speed, support, etc…), as an e-commerce business, a client of ours recently was very concerned with his page load speeds and the effects that they may have on his google search rankings and customer acquisition rates. Although his site was optimized to load as quickly as possible, we noticed that his hosting provider and package was the root cause of his slow website. He was currently hosted with a GoDaddy hosting package and wanted to know what we thought of A2 Hosting and their “20x Faster” claim. This was a no brainer… While both GoDaddy and A2 Hosting WordPress hosting packages are similar in price, A2 is hands down a better value.   With regard to the primary concern of page load speeds, A2 Hosting is able to achieve their faster speeds by limiting the number of users per server, and utilizes optimized software with Turbo Cache which uses less CPU and memory than Apache servers. In addition to faster page load speeds, we have found better reliability, customer support, and optimized tools provided by A2 Hosting. For WordPress websites, we recommend A2’s managed wordpress hosting which start at $11.99/Month for a single site (best value we’ve found so far)  Check out A2 Managed WordPress Hosting plans here. We wish we had better things to say about GoDaddy, but unfortunately our experience with reliability and the slow page load for WordPress hosted sites keeps us from recommending them to our clients.